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Hey there! I'm Courtney Shockey and welcome to my website. I'm a writer with a twisted mind and an avid coffee drinker. I'm married with two children and janitor for three (and counting) fur babies. I'm a Walking Dead fan, but hate zombie movies. They're terrifying. Living on the outskirts of Houston, I work in the industrial field 40+ hours a week. Writing is done on my free time and keeps me sane! (If you read my stories, you'll know that's how I get my crazy out...)

Children of Darkness was my debut novella and a paranormal horror. If you do not like scary reads, this is not the story for you. If you like being afraid of the dark, by all means, read away! There will be two more installments in this before I lay it to rest.

The Cover of Love is the beginning of Selene's Pass Trilogy. This is my psychological thriller with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure. If you enjoy WTF moments and twisted dreams, proceed. 

Lost in Shadows is my version of romance. Bring tissues.

I started a serial series because my main series have been backlogged for a short time. They're contemporary fantasy and the first is FREE! *cough cough also made #1 Best Seller in Sci-Fi/Fantasy on Amazon cough cough*

If you want to know more about me or my works, visit the Contact tab and shoot me an email! You can also find me on social media using the links at the bottom of the page. Thank you for looking me up and I hope you enjoy this!

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