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Here are all my works in one place! You're welcome...

Nightmare Series

Horror/Occult Fiction/No Romance

Children of Darkness (Nightmare, Book 1)

​Paranormal Horror Novella


Sweat soaks my clothes as I sit up in my bed. My heart pounds in my ears and my eyes dart around the room. Giggles float from all directions of my room, surrounding me. I cover my ears with my hands and squeeze my eyes shut, rocking silently. 
"Please go away. Leave me alone." 
The giggles get louder and louder, deafening me to anything else. 
"Stop it! Please!" I scream and everything stops. Silence is almost as terrifying. 
Dr. Janet Birch has been plagued by nightmares her entire life. She worked her way through college so she could help children who suffered from the same fears and give them the tools she never had to move on. 
Emily Frost is a young girl whose nightmares consume her life. Her parents bring her to Janet in hopes of dispelling her fears and bringing their daughter back from the brink. 
As Emily finally breaks down and reveals her demons, Janet realizes they have more in common than she thought. Piece by piece, Janet fights for not only her life, but Emily's as well, to overcome their living nightmare

Children of Darkness: Genesis (Nightmare Series, Book 2)

​Paranormal Horror Novella


When Darkness created Ben, his second in command, he did not see the beast he had unleashed.
The Underworld is their playground as king and prince, but even Hell has rules. Ben slowly deteriorates and even though he consumes every demon in his path, he doesn't grow in health or power. But when his true energy source is found, the balance of power shifts.

Soon Ben shows the world what he is capable of and, like a virus, his dark power spreads and devours everything in its path. Demons join forces to end the reign of terror Ben’s ravenous army of children spread throughout the realms. War will raze the lands and leave behind mountains of bones. By the time Darkness realizes he needs to step in, the damage is too far gone to be reversed. Decisions must be made.

I am fear. I am son of the Dark Angel. I am power.
Delve into the past and watch the rise of the Children of Darkness.

Selene's Pass Trilogy

Suspense/Thriller/Some Romance
The Cover of Love (Selene's Pass Trilogy Book 1)

Psychological Thriller Novel

Contains mature content. Not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age. 
Jodie Cornett’s heart holds many secrets. She’s never known life without the tragic burden that comes with love. Her world may be surrounded by shadows, but the light of her life is quite certainly the darkest of them all. 
"You protect the ones you love." Her mantra carries her through her never-ending struggles—a haggard attempt to cope with, what is destined to be, her life. 
When Flynn Taylor, a banker and Jodie’s personal superhero, rescues her, Jodie feels the future isn’t as bleak as she thought…but their son will change everything. Just when you think fate has relented from delivering more misery—think again--for destiny and fate will remind you that you are not in control. 
Those who endure and suffer loss will clutch onto anything and all they see as good, even when it’s not the wisest decision... 
This is Jodie’s story—from childhood to adulthood—and definitely not for the faint of heart.

The Shadow of Hope (Selene's Pass Trilogy Book 2)

Psychological Thriller Romance

The lone survivor of her family, Kayla Night yearns for companionship and a sense of belonging. She roams from town to town, looking to fill the void. When she unexpectedly finds the perfect place in Selene's Pass, she settles into a comfortable routine. 
That is, until Adam Sharp knocks her off her feet. Literally. 
This captivating man helps Kayla open her eyes to a new way of life. Slowly, happiness and hope flourish within her once more. 
Little did Kayla know that she had already caught the eye of another man who wanted her all to himself. A man with more than pure intentions. 
As strange events unfold, their paths will cross in unlikely ways. Fate will twist everything around, leaving them exposed and hopeless.

But hope was never meant to be in this story. Just its shadow.

Soul Magic Serial Series

Fantasy/Greek Mythology Romance
Finding West

A Soul Magic Serial, Book 1

Selene Gale was used to being alone. Her routine was the same every day. Her average job caused mild headaches and offered no excitement. Her drive home was painfully slow on most days. But at night, her dreams took her to an amazing place, full of magic, wonder, and happiness. Not to mention the golden Adonis that stole her breath away each time she encountered him.
While on a nature hike on her thirtieth birthday, Selene comes face to face with her magical destiny. Confusion clouds her every thought until she doesn’t know what is real and what is a dream… or if there’s a difference between them. Selene will find her answers in the most unlikely way she could imagine. 
Do you believe in magic?

Finding East

A Soul Magic Serial, Book 3

Thalia Roe’s strength and beauty is admired by most, but she doesn’t notice. She’s too busy planning fantastical themed events in her small city outside Phoenix, Arizona. Between her job, learning new songs to sing at said events, and the gym, she has little time for anything. Including dating. Her pet iguana, Harpocrates, was the only dinner date she had in years. Life was good, but lonely.
That was until the day her luck changed. A wicked storm rolls in and with it something...different. Her life will be forever changed and the heat from the desert around her isn’t the only thing that’ll ignite the flame inside her.

Finding South

A Soul Magic Serial, Book 2

Peggy Myers is the best geographical excavation research contractor money can buy. She travels all around the world relentlessly with her toucan, Ion. As long as she has his company and a big tub to soak in, she's happy. Everything in her life is perfect. Especially the mysterious man that haunts her dreams.

She dreams of sunny beaches and coconut drinks, laughter and happiness. In the fantasy, a furious storm rolls in as the enigmatic man emerges from the waves. His features aren’t fully visible. The parts that Peggy can see make him, quite literally, the man of her wet dreams. He's wild, untamed, and the beating heart behind the storm.

But what happens when he shows up one night, before she goes to sleep? Will Peggy be pulled under the waves or will she ride them out with him?

Finding North

A Soul Magic Serial, Book 4

Like most people, Callisto has fears and doubts. Claustrophobia and anxiety are just the tip of the iceberg that is this special woman, but she is unique in a wonderful way. Callisto travels all over West Virginia and its neighboring states to educate people about the magnificent black bear. If she can transform a person's instinctual fear into reverent awe, her mission in life would be complete.
But something out of the ordinary is happening in her dream world. A stallion has broken through and his claim on her sets off a chain of events leading to her destiny. A destiny filled with magic and where sex strengthens the soul. Winter may steal her breath, but the bearer of winter will capture her very being.

Standalone Books

Anthology Pieces/Dark and Twisty
Lost in Shadows

Sad Romance Novella

For Jasmine Marlo, love could only be described in one word; Malcolm. Her wonderful fiancé holds her heart in the palm of his hand. Unfortunately for Jasmine, Malcolm is volunteering his medical services overseas in a high-conflict area.

The months he is away, she is in constant fear for his life. She dreams of the perfect Valentine’s Day with him and prays it will come true. 
Only some prayers aren't answered in the way you hoped.

Some prayers make you wish you never uttered them at all.


A Dark Romance

Criminals aren’t easy to spot in a crowd. Your neighbor who gardens on Wednesdays might run an underground casino. The elderly couple around the bend could be the biggest drug dealers in the greater city area. Or maybe that pretty little bartender at the hottest club is the reason men are disappearing in the city. 
Gabriella is a natural predator, hidden in plain sight. Together with Rosa, her beautiful girlfriend, she partakes in the ultimate pleasure of preying on men they carefully select…and devours them. 
Until they meet a man unlike any other; another stealthy predator. Their world turns upside down and the chaos is no longer controlled. Gabby and Rosa will soon find what it feels to be the vulnerable prey. 
Who will make it out alive?

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